Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things I Want To Take Back To Idaho With Me From Abu Dhabi:

Yep, another one of my lists! I've been thinking about this one for a while now since there are plenty of things here that I DO like. I've started compiling a mental list of the things to enjoy while I am here, because I will definitely miss them when I am gone.

So here's my list:

1) My Stove Lid - Yep, my stove top has a lid! At first I thought this was strange as I'd never seen such a thing before. NOW, I know what a blessing it is! "What's that honey? Unexpected company is on there way here now??? But my kitchen's a mess!" A quick swipe of a dishcloth over the counters and CLOSE THE LID and tada! Clean kitchen! :)

2) The Haji Store - This is probably the thing I will miss the most. Sure, we had a Maverick Gas Station less than a block from where we lived before, but it just won't be the same. Having bread, Arabic bread, milk, pop, popcorn, and whatever else my little heart desires delivered right to my door by a non-English-speaking Indian guy is so much more awesome than I ever could have imagined!

3) The Fruit and Vegetable Market - Even though this little gem went a long time without our noticing, I am already addicted to it and will surely miss it. Yes, we have our farmer's markets back home, which I am sure I will frequent anyway when we get back, but it just isn't the same as a slew of vendors bargaining with us for the best price (and to keep us from going to the next guy) and following Kaden around giving him bananas.

4) Staying Home With Kaden - This isn't necessarily a Middle Eastern attribute, but it is definitely something I've grown quite fond of and will surely miss.

5) Thick Skin - Perhaps this will come home with me, but living here among the truly grouchy people who reside here has given me skin harder than nails. I'm comfortable here among this unsmiling bunch, and I hope that when I get back home to my wonderfully content neighbors I will be able to appreciate their joyful faces even more.

Stay tuned for another installment of this list.

Also, don't get excited... we are still not coming home anytime soon. But we are coming home EVENTUALLY, which is why I started this list. Do not take it as our impending arrival and time soon though. :(


  1. Hehe good to know you like some things about Abu Dhabi. The city has a love-hate relationship with most expatriates, me being one of them.
    So does this mean you are planning to leave soon?

  2. Maybe we can get immigration papers for Haji Man and have him open up a store over here and we'll help him import Arabic bread and garlic paste and hummus!! At this time, we are on our third container of hummus and it's awful!!! All of it, no matter the "flavor" is full of garlic, wayyyy too much garlic, so I am collecting the containers in my fridge and see if Papa will eat it up sometime soon, because I'm NOT! I am going to buy some chickpeas and try making my own! Can't be that hard! I can make refried beans like a Mexican, so what's stopping me from becoming a zinger at making Arab hummus??? Will let you know results. WE found a Lebanonese restaurant here and will see if they have my favorite-of-all-time garlic paste!! If not, I might shoot myself! Love you...kisses all around!!! M and P

  3. Yes! That's it! We'll kidnap the Haji Man! Good thinking Mimi. And we will bring him and his family from India he keeps telling me about to Boise and we'll start a new tend in the culinary flavors of Le Bois! Bravo.

    And ADB, no moving in our forseeable future. :( I am here to whine and gripe along with the best of you for some time to come.