Saturday, January 10, 2009


Ok, after talking to my Mom, it occurs to me that there are plenty of readers who are also trying to lose a chin or two at the start of this year. I have been neglecting my food blog since with our diet, I haven't felt like anything has been worth posting. But why not use it as a place to catalogue what we've been eating anyway? Even if they it doesn't fall into the category of truly fabulous food. So,check out Food For Foodies for my latest meals!

On the diet note, in this first week of counting calories, I've lost 3 pounds. I use Spark People, which is the BEST site ever for keeping track of what you eat as well as exercise and even networking if you want. Check it out. I for one eat MUCH more when it feels like "no one is watching"... if I force myself to be honest about everything I am putting into my body, I eat so much better. Check it out!

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