Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Puppy.

I had another great weekend with my boys. We didn’t do anything real exciting, just went to the park and grocery shopping as usual, but Kaden did learn some new words and was a really great baby all weekend. Daddy taught Kaden how to say “Happy”. So he has been saying “Happy Puppy” for a few days (actually HE says, “Appy Uppy”, but it is close!). Kaden has been repeating the sounds of everything we say lately and he learned “No” and “Uh uh” this weekend too. He says the word “no” like it is a question though… I will say, “Kaden, do you want to get your diaper changed?” and he will say, “No?” And look at me quizzically. It’s pretty funny. I am sure the word won’t be as “cute” here pretty soon when he decides to say no to everything, but for now, it really is adorable. He also is finally using “juice” (“Jew-sh”) appropriately.

Oh, the other cool thing that happened over the past week is that my kid weaned himself from the bottle. I know, I know, I should have done it at one year, but plenty of pediatricians say there is nothing wrong with a kid having their bed time bottle until they are two, so I just went with it. But last week he decided he was done with the bottle and when I tried to give it to him at story time before bed he said “no” and that was the end of it. He goes down for nap AND bed by just saying “night night” and getting his kisses. He even bids me farewell as I leave the room, “Bye-bye, ma-ma”. I was completely baffled and Stu and I laughed about how weird our kid is. So, it has been nice.

In other news, school is in full swing now and I am loving it. Sure, my brain has had a few days of aching from info-overload, but it really has been nice having something else to focus on in my life. I have been pleasantly surprised with my Art History class in how informative it is. I have already learned so much about certain types of architecture and how it is built and I am noticing some of it around town. I was less than surprised that my Anatomy and Physiology class was JUST as difficult and information-saturated as I remember it being. So that is one class I am going to have to work extra hard in to get a good grade. My English class appears to suck, as I expected. It is “Technical Communication” and who wants to write proposals and memos any time, let alone for school? The lab seems pretty interesting. I have to apparently go out and buy a cow leg bone for one of the assignments. Weird.

Anyway, so I spent several hours this weekend doing school work (got a 98% on my first Art test, btw, woot woot!) and both of my boys were good and tried not to bug me while I was studying. I think it is going to go well though. Any excuse to not think about being here is fine by me!

Here’s the Monk this morning with his “Appy ball”. (Balls have feelings too!)


  1. Hey! Haha I was going to tell you I took Technical Communication with my curriculum and I could send you some of my reports and stuff from it if you want (and I can find it...), then I read the next sentence about the cow leg bone... ??? Buuut I realized it wasn't part of Tech Comm... at least I hoped not! But anyway, I don't know if the classes will reflect the exact same things, but you're welcome to anything I have if it could help! Feel free to let me know. Glad you're enjoying school so far. :-)

  2. everyday kaden will surprise you with a new word :)he is a cutey

  3. I noticed today that you posted a picture with yet another background of a spotless house! What the hell??? Why didn't you ever keep your room as clean as you keep your house??!! Or do you clean it and then tell Kaden its "picture time!" I just can't believe it! Maybe there is hope for Justine too...Well, I won't go THAT far! :-) hahahaha
    Love, MammaE

  4. Hey now! That's not giving me enough credit! If you'll remember, the kitchen and living room were always clean when you came home! If you were coming home from work TO MY ROOM, it might have been a different story! Hehe.

    PLUS, I am stuck inside for 20+ hours a day... what else am I supposed to do when homework runs out??? :)

  5. I have witnessed Sydney's house and when we arrived there, it was spotless and mostly was that way for our whole trip!! She's a good housekeeper. AND...I might point out one thing, MammaE, what goes around, comes around. I very vividly remember MY SECOND daughter who had a room that look similar to the local trash dump, so bad, we usually kept that bedroom door closed when we had company!! So, there is hope in all we wish for. You have become a spotless housekeeper, too, and I'm sure all of Sydney's girls (when she has any) will have a messy room, but a perfect home of their own! ahhahaa Love both of you messy teenagers, but now great homemakers! Keep up the good work! Mimi and Papa :)