Saturday, January 10, 2009


After some hate mail from my fans (heh) I've been trying to think of things to blog about. The problem is that our lives have become, well, relatively boring! Today we headed to the Open Air Market for some produce before we completed our shopping trip at Lulu's... Yeah, that was pretty much it! Lol. Kaden and I took a nap in the afternoon and Stu downloaded songs from iTunes.

We have been going to the same produce guy at the market for a few weeks now which has really been paying off. Recognizing that we are not tourists and WILL be back, the prices have dropped by almost half. The case of mandarin oranges we spent 18 dirham for the first week were down to 10 dirham today with Stu's persuasion. All in all, we bought two varieties of onions, tomatoes, lettuce, apples, bananas, grapes, and carrots, all in relatively large quantities for us, and still only forked over less than 15 bucks for our loot. So much better than spending WAY too much for overprices produce at the grocery store. And the quality is sooooo much better! I wish we would have discovered this gem long before now!

Unfortunately, we still like our American cereal and cheese (each at about 7 bucks a piece!) so we aren't actually saving any money when it comes to the full shopping trip, but it is nice to cut some AND get better quality. Not to mention we get to shop outside in the fresh air, now feeling more than welcomed by the shopkeeper. He served Kaden two bananas and taught him how to hold it and eat it with the peel down. It was the most adorable thing!


  1. We LOVED that open air market! If we move there, that's one place we'll be every week!!! I would have loved to cook up a dish of nothing but veggies that were offered there, but wasn't quite in the mood with the way I felt most of the time! Well, the next time...just wait! We'll have a vegetarian dinner one night! We are enjoying looking at the six disks of pictures taken while we were there! Your camera is amazing and we thank you for giving us a copy of them! They are wonderful as was the trip, but not as wonderful as our family there!! We love you. Mimi and Papa