Monday, January 12, 2009

Rainy Season?

In an effort to keep up with this whole healthy lifestyle thing, Stu and I have started walking in the evenings as much as we can. Last night the weather was awesome... just cool enough (for me) to need a light jacket. The sky was full of clouds (I'm told this is the "rainy season" in Abu Dhabi... no rain yet. Stay tuned.) and there was a nice breeze. It is really nice to take a walk and chat about whatever random topics come to mind. And Kaden likes to get out and wave and smile at all the strangers we pass.

We really haven't been doing a whole lot lately. After the festivities when Mimi and Papa were here, we're just happy to watch a movie or TV show and have some popcorn. We recently discovered a Discovery Channel show called Prototype This. It is so much fun. These four guys invent new prototypes for things like a Six-legged-ATV that walks instead of using wheels, and a robot that walks upstairs for firefighters to use. Pretty cool stuff (and they do it in two weeks).

Other than that, Kaden DEVOURED the baby cereal cookies I made yesterday, so I steamed some apples and carrots and made a puree that I am going to add to another batch of them today. Hope everyone else is well.


  1. it rained even more today! the entire ground got wet!

  2. you HAVE to check out this blog!
    he has a great way of expressing just how much "fun" living here can be : )

  3. So, are you insinuating that we wore you guys out?? We were thinking the other way, here!! LOL Walking in the evenings sounds great..we should hav done more of that when we were there. Nana took a walk around our complex yesterday and said she would again today. She likes it here, but misses the kids so much when she's gone. Happy movie watching and evening walking!! We love you!! Mimi and Papa

  4. as i type this it is raining, and there was even a little thunder!!!!

    ps as you may have noticed, i have access to the world after the family drama...lets see how long it lasts?

    also, looove the pics from the Masjid... I showed the DH and the first thing we both said was that it felt strange to see you all dressed up like that!!