Friday, January 23, 2009

Weekend Fun.

For Kaden’s half-birthday we decided to celebrate by going out to dinner in typical Tex-Max fashion and did Cantina Laredo at Khalidiyah Mall. Our server was wonderful too, which is nice and hard to find here. He is from the Philippines and just got here a month ago. He told us tales from when he was a staffer on a cruise ship in America and all the amazing places he has been. He finished our meal by making an origami t-shirt for Kaden (although he misheard his name and wrote “Hayden” on it…). It was really nice and both of us loved our meal. Kaden particularly loved my enchiladas and ate most of one all by himself (and a bunch of my rice… just like Mommy, he isn’t as fond of the beans!). We finished the night with a movie and an extra muffin for the mister for dessert!

Yesterday we went to the park and Kaden had a blast as usual. He is getting so brave on the stairs and went right up them to the BIG slide! My big boy. Enjoy some pics from the park!
Going down the BIG slide!

Giving Mommy kisses!

He met a nice little gril who thought he needed help doing everything... very cute.

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  1. AAAHHHHH bringing back memories of our visit there and playing with Kaden at the park...we miss it SO MUCH!! We love you and miss you!!!!!!!!!! Mimi and Papa