Saturday, March 7, 2009

Border Weekend.

We had to do another border run on Friday... which is never fun. Especially since Stu is now working nights, but still has to get up and go in early on Thursdays with the day shift guys. It's weird and he is soooo tired on Thursday nights, which makes for a happy Stu, lol.

So we took off a lot later on Friday than we normally do and when we got to the Omani side of the border, it was jam packed. They only had one computer up and running which meant that they could only process one visa at a time. The Prophet's birthday is this Monday so everyone here has a holiday this weekend and it looked like practically everyone and their Mom was on their way to Muscat. Instead of waiting in the ungodly long line, we opted to drive out to the other border across the mountain (Hafet port) which had nearly no line, but it is hotter and further. It worked out fine and we celebrated with KFC for lunch in the car on the way home. I forgot the camera AGAIN and it sucked because we saw not one, but TWO camels sitting in the backs of trucks, and we saw a donkey! Hehe

It was otherwise a fairly uneventful trip except that in the morning when we were packing up to go, Stu was cleaning off the windows so we could see and I ran to the little store to get some pop to take and somehow we forgot to put Kaden's stroller in the trunk (seriously... who loses a stroller???). We didn't know about this until we got home and Stu tried to get it OUT of the trunk and it was missing. Sigh. Retards. We asked around and no one seemed to have seen it. But, it was completely falling apart and we have been looking for another, more sturdy, one anyway, especially since we are going to Rome in about a month, so today we got another one. Kaden loves it so far, so that is good! :)

After getting home from the border last night we got a call from Matt and went to eat Korean food with Matt, Mike, and Kyle. It would have been really nice except my son was a TOTAL brat! He screamed his head off more than he was quiet and would not stop getting into everything. It was awful. We ended the night by heading to Hamed Center for some movies (stupid Green Branch was closed... stupid Fridays).

Unfortunately either from the KFC or Korean I was puking all night (sorry for the visual), so I got very little sleep and then my stomach physically hurt all day today, so it has been a pretty relaxing day. We just grocery shopped and then I took a two-hour nap with Kaden while Stu played some Madden. I made Crepes for dinner and we might walk down to Baskin Robbins for some dessert.

That's all for us. Pretty chill weekend once again. :)

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