Sunday, March 29, 2009

International Shipping.

According to Amazon and their "track your package" feature, I was supposed to have my Twilight DVD in hand on Thursday. It has been 3 days after that and I am still waiting! :(

So, Kaden and I are coloring (with colored pencils since they are harder to eat) instead. He doesn't seem to care, but I want to watch the much-read-about extra features! :)

We had a huge storm this weekend. I guess it was more of a series of storms actually, since they stopped and started. But last night we were treated to an honest-to-goodness Thunderstorm! I was so excited and I opened my 6th floor window to take it all in (I never said I was smart). I reached my arms out and got them all soaked from the rain and then "brought" some rain to Stu. I was so disoriented when I awoke to rain last night in bed that I asked Stu what he was doing (awaking him from a deep sleep) because I couldn't place where the tap-tapping sound was coming from! Poor guy.

I had a bit of a cleaning frenzy this morning, which I must take advantage of when they happen since I so rarely feel like cleaning our apartment, so I cleaned like a mad woman for a few hours. Then Kaden and I took a far too eventful walk (with oglers galore) and I rounded off my morning with a shower complete with a new, fancy-shmancy shower head! Even though it was over a week later than we were quoted. I've now taken three showers with the new head and I must say, showers (that work) are simply divine! I even wasted too much hot water (Dad would have FREAKED if I were at home... he thought I could take a long shower back then! Psh! That was NOTHING!) and took my time shaving and relaxing. So lovely.

This afternoon Kaden and I plan to watch Iron Chef and then play with some blocks and have a lovely dinner together sans Daddy (silly work). I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. starting at about 10 last night we got so much rain and thunder I almost thought that we were back home :-) it has been off and on here all day.

  2. 6th Floor..?? You were dreaming this...?? Confused here! I know that's not surprising, but explain. I can't believe anyone would get so excited over rain! We don't have that much here either and I still don't like it!! haha Love you!! Mimi

  3. We actually live on the 6th floor since there is a "ground floor" and a "mezzanine(sp?)" floor. So, 4+2=6. :)

  4. I guess I stand corrected. Thank you.

  5. @Grandparents

    Nowhere in the states gets as little rain as the desert of UAE. Even Phoenix Arizona gets more rain than Sandland does. :-)

  6. Actually, it rains a lot in Phoenix compared to here. This bout we just had of rain has been actually constant when it does rain. Typically, when it does rain (the 5 times total I've seen it rain since I've been here), it will rain for less than 5 minutes and then stop for several hours. I never thought I'd be excited about rain either though! Haha