Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goodbye Song.

I realize I am probably over-doing it with my new found uploading videos capability, but this one was cute again.

For those not familiar with the TV show "Bear and the Big Blue House", it is a kid's show that is actually one of the better ones for teaching manners and whatnot. At the end of the show, "Bear" sings The Goodbye Song with the moon "Luna". It is cute and Kaden loves it because he understands what it is saying so he can sing it later. Even funnier is that when he sings "Goodbye" it sounds like he is saying "Dubai", so either way, this is an appropriate song for him! :)



  1. I don't think you're over-doing it. :-) It's fun to see him! By the way, I was thinking last night about meals and wanted to ask you how you're liking your crockpot so far? I don't use mine nearly as often as I'd like to.

  2. Haha. When it comes to videos of you guys you can never overdo it!! That is the cutest thing! I remember that show! :)

    Also, I've been watching Twilight a few more times and I don't know how good of a picture you can get online but in the baseball scene, when Emmett and Edward crash into each other and fall to the ground, Edward flips Emmett off. I noticed it the 4th time I watched it and I was like "Oh my god!" and started cracking up!

    Anyway, Kaden is the cutest! Hope you guys are doing well! Stay out of the sand storms! :) Love you!