Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hospital Trip.

As the mother of a boy, this day was sure to come eventually. I was in the kitchen making lunch and Kaden was playing right outside in the hallway with his stroller. He likes to buckle and unbuckle the seatbelt. Sure enough, right as I'm scooping a handful of lettuce into a bowl (with the intent of it becoming "salad"), I look up to see that he has climbed up into it (standing of course) and then watch him topple face-first onto the floor (the whole stroller just tipped over backwards).

I rushed over to him and picked him up as he started to wail. So here's the thing... I knew he didn't hit his head because I watched him fall. He definitely hurt his little hands because he was holding onto the handle when the stroller fell and when I picked him up, his body was still smashing them into the tile floor. Ouch. But when I picked him up, his shoulders felt more loose than normal and I had to sort of grip his ribs to lift him instead of just relying on his underarms. Odd.

Then, he didn't stop crying for FORTY FIVE MINUTES. At that point I was near hysteria. Stu was no help, saying that if he needed to come home and take us to the hospital, I needed to let him know. I didn't know what to do. So, I did what any adult, rational woman would do... I called my Mommy!

She said that since he'd been crying for so long that he might have broken his collarbone or something else equally horrible. And that it would probably be best to take him in as a precaution. So I called Stu, got him driving the 45 minutes it takes to get here and in the mean time, between fits of hysteria whenever I'd put him down (like to change into jeans from sweats), the monkey finally fell asleep sprawled across my lap.

By the time Stu got home and called me, Kaden had woken up on the way downstairs and didn't seem in nearly as much pain when I shifted his weight to my hip. He let me put him in his carseat without a fight, so I decided we probably didn't even need to go. But we decided we should get him checked out anyway since Stu had already come all the way home, and to put our minds at ease.

We get to the doctor and of course no one will see us. Pediatrics says it will be over an hour wait, and General Practice will not see a baby. So after shuffling all over the hospital, a heavy-set Greek-looking receptionist escorted us back down to Pediatrics and spoke forcefully in Arabic with the receptionist, nurse, and doctor before they finally relented and we were seen. Doctor May (we've seen her before) poked and prodded Kaden, making him scream bloody murder and determined that he was fine. He had a decent-sized bruise on his back (which explained why he wailed when I laid him down) but otherwise seemed to be in fine shape. He also weighed in at 12 kilos... 26 and a half pounds! She told us to keep an eye on him for any odd behavior and to wake him up at night to make sure he doesn't have a concussion.

Anyway, so that was our too-stressful afternoon. I did finally get to come back and eat lunch right around 5:00, haha. Kaden is now finally sleeping for a late nap and I got a chance to clean up the house a little bit and relax. Hope everyone else's day was a bit more calm. :)


  1. I'm glad Kaden is ok. I still call my Mommy to ask her kid related things, and my youngest is almost 7.

    Sounds like emergency rooms are about the same no matter what country you are in. Our last trip we were there 5 hours before the doctor even came in and that was with our primary physician calling ahead saying he was sending us.

  2. Ahhh poor Kaden and poor you!!! What a scary stressful day you guys had. but i'm so happy to hear that he's going to be ok.

    but it definitely sounds like ice cream should be prescribed to both of you tonight.

  3. what a horrible afternoon..i can imagine the hysteria that overcame you....
    I hope kaden is Ok and it is only a bruise...

  4. Our poor baby!!! I'm sure he'll be OK...just the "danger" of having a boy! haha Doug sure caused us some very heart-stopping moments....ahhh, boys..what would we do without them?? Bet he won't stand up in the stroller anymore! ha Anyway, give him a careful hug and a big kiss from us! Let us know how he is you all so much!! Mimi and Papa

  5. I'm so glad he didn't break a bone! That would have been terrible! It's crazy that you had to wait that long to get in to the doctor, what if he had, I dunno, bleeding in the brain? And got brain damage while waiting? Not to be too overexaggerated. But serisouly! Poor baby!

    Hope you guys are doing okay! Love you!