Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Does this scare no one else?

I keep having the phrase, "Enough is enough" run through my head while I attempt to wrap my head around a number this large...


We are living in scary times, my friends.


  1. Yes, bailout's, more taxes, a war in two country's, repression soon to be total depression! Mass unempolyment, car company's going bankrupt.
    What a nice present for a new president!
    I don't blame Obama for the problem's, just question how he's going about fixing the problem left for him to cure.

  2. It scares me, too, but Obama, in his short tenure, has brought so much of this on us as well as himself...he's an idiot! But we have four long years of his decisions and God help us! Time will tell what will happen to ALL of us.

    Love you and talk to you later! Mimi and Papa