Saturday, March 21, 2009


Not a whole heck of a lot to report this weekend. We did the usual shopping and whatnot and we went to dinner at Cantina Laredo where we saw a group of 6 Americans. And not just any Americans, southern Americans! I almost jumped out of my chair to hug the woman when she said, "Hey Ya'll!" to the new group coming in to the join them. Sighhhh, I love Americans accents.

Then the striking (everyone knows it's old guys that do it for me... Sean Connery! Helloooo!) older gentleman walked by with a, "Hey. How's it going?" as he passed us. So nice. It was worth another week of being here just to talk to another American (even if just in greeting).

There was this... well, I'm not actually sure what was going on. In Khalidiyah mall there was a stage set up with hundreds of kids and parents surrounding it. The announcer spoke in Arabic, so I couldn't figure out what he was saying, but the kids were answering questions for prizes and even singing at one point. But, the best part of this was... A giant abaya lady costume! Seriously. There was a person dressed in a huge inflatable costume (like you'd see Smoky the bear, or maybe "Bertha" if those of you have seen her) with an abaya on. She even had one of those metal face masks that they wear (I assume to keep the cloth out of their mouths and noses). Sooo priceless. It was just another time I was desperate for a camera phone here. I tried just now to find a picture posted somewhere of it and I couldn't. Too bad. That was definitely worth sharing!

We took Kaden to the park this weekend (no pics... we didn't stay long since he neck was getting sunburned in ten minutes), so he got some outside time in addition to the roof. He didn't seem to have a very good time though. I don't think he felt quite up to par this weekend. Poor baby.

Other than that, the only other thing to report is yet another epic FAIL on the part of our apartment and its amenities (If you don't remember past annoyances, refresh your memory here, here, here, or here). Our shower exploded. Ok, I'm being dramatic. The shower HEAD exploded. Stu stuffed it back in where it goes and used some cool airplane adhesive to stick the thing back on, but he gets two showers a day and Kaden and I each get one, so it didn't have ample time to "set", and now we have the nozzle drizzling water out of it while a heavy pressure send the rest of the water shooting in 15 different directions while I try in vain to rinse out my ultra thick curly mass of hair. So lame. Luckily I don't go many places or have a lot going on, so my still-shampoo-filled tresses can just be pulled back into a bun and I call it good. (I'd still rather have our shower work).

The watchman said it would be fixed day before yesterday. No shock there. So we're still just waiting. Oh, and today there is a scheduled power outage, supposed to last from 10-noon. We. Will. See.

That's all for me! :)


  1. So, for the shower to be fixed, was it "inshalla" (spelling?)! I use that term once in a while and people look at me and I know they are wondering what the heck? I hope you get the shower fixed soon! At least you always have the bathtub to rely on! I have the harmonica for Kaden and will be mailing a box next week! I hope we can catch you so Papa can see him playing it! Love you!

  2. You are so miserable here. Why do you stay? Just leave, go back to your wonderful country since it has so much more to offer you. You act as though you are kept here against your will. If that is the case call the police.

    For someone so miserable all the time, constantly complaining about everything, you'd think you would be smart enough to just go home. Oh wait, your country is in a bit of shambles and oh your husband may cheat on you whilst your gone. I see, you are here for the money and to keep an ever constant controlling eye on your spouse. You are a trader to your country and a hyprocrite, a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. Take your country talking, thinking, verbal diarhea back to your own country. How does your husband stay married to you?

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    I found your ignorant rant to be almost comical. What’s frustrating to me is that you feel safe behind your computer, hunched over, drool running from the corner of your mouth, pecking away at the keyboard, throwing out ridicules and misspelled insults in an ill-fated attempt to hurt my wonderful wife’s feelings. When in all actuality it is your life that’s lackluster and falling apart all around you. I love my wife more than I’m sure you could ever comprehend.

    All I can advise is for you it to crawl back into the dark damp cave you managed to somehow make your way out of and continue to rot.


    Stuart, Sydney’s adoring husband!

  4. Bravo Stu!
    Rest assured whomever it was that posted that comment knows nothing of you or your wonderful wife.

    You can't take to heart what someone who isn't man/woman enough to post their name. What a coward. It is easy for someone who has never been out of their country to be clueless as to what you actually miss. They don't know freedom from oppression, they don't know freedom of choice, freedom of religion or freedom of speech.

    Pack your ignorance and your opinion on the back of your camel and go back to your tent in the desert. If it wasn't for Americans you'd still be nomad, goat farmers that couldn't afford the luxury of being so lazy as to have the time to bad mouth someone you don't know. Get a life. I'm sure in your country (I'll just guess you're muslim as you hide behind the vale of the internet like you make your women hid behind a vale of cloth) it is common place for a man to cheat on his wife (usually with another man or some farm animal but apparently that's not against your religion or your government) but don't dare cast stones when you live in a glass house.

    I pity people who have no idea what true freedom is. Who have been duped into believing they are morally above other people. Who believe they are the only ones with virtues, morals, religious beliefs and principles. All because your holy book tells you you are. You are a sad group of people. I hope you find peace in your life because you sound like a miserable little person.