Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sleeping In.

This morning my wonderful husband sneakily got up with Kaden and let me sleep until TEN in the morning!!!! (Ok ok, so I HAD stayed up until almost two reading New Moon, rationalizing as the time went by that I REALLY only needed 6 (5…4…) or so hours of sleep...)

When I got up he asked if I would make pancakes. Of course! After letting me sleep, it was the least I could do... until I found out we had no Bisquick. Crap. They of course didn't have it the last time we went to the store (or the time before) so we went without. So I had to find a recipe on how to make them from SCRATCH. It was easy and they turned out fine, thank goodness. So that was good. (Who knew pancakes were so easy to make???)

I also got a chance to christen my Crock Pot today and we have a scrumptious smelling roast in there now (only 6 more hours to go! Lol). I am hoping this easier way to prepare meals turns out well since I just can't bring myself to cook complicated meals when I know only a less-than-eager toddler will be waiting at the dinner table. And let's be honest, he'd rather have toast anyway. Kaden and I had sandwiches for lunch and leftover pizza for dinner but hopefully tomorrow we will have yummy leftover roast for a REAL dinner instead! :) (And poor Stu can be sent off with a better lunch for work)

In other news, we're sort of in a pickle right now. I don't want to go into details before we know what's going to happen, but suffice it to say, we've both been extremely preoccupied this weekend and hope that we find out soon, one way or the other, so we can soothe our nerves. (No, grandmas, I'm not pregnant...)

Anyway, I am already on the Epilogue of New Moon and I am not sure how to wait again. Maybe I can just talk Stu into letting me just buy the whole series since I already KNOW I will be reading them again (and again). I have NEVER been this excited about a series before. I find myself thinking about the characters like I know then in real life... wondering about upcoming decisions and whatnot. It's retarded. But still exciting! Haha

That's about it. Like I said, not a lot going on in our world. Kaden is still adjusting to this new schedule and it is weird for me that he sleeps from like 2-5 now! Now I am going to go play with blocks for a bit before he abandons me for his infinitely-cooler-than-Mom toys.


  1. Wow! I'm surprised you went through New Moon so quickly. Every time I reread the series, I skip most of that one. Obviously I'm only interested in one thing, and it's not Jacob! Justine would be so happy to hear that you are reading the series. Introducing the books to her was the only way I could get her to read (remember the camping trip last summer? enough said.) She only bought the First and Fourth books because "they are the best ones. why do I care about all the other stuff?"
    I'm interested to hear about your "pickle", so be sure to fill us in quickly.

  2. I surely hope this "pickle" is sweet and not sour! haha I think your mom and I deserve an e-mail on this one, OK? At least a couple of can we sit here and "just wait"...WE CAN'T!!! Glad you are enjoying those books. I doubt if I'd ever pick one of them up, but who knows..stranger things have happened!! haha Love you!! Mimi and Papa