Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I’ve made mention about things here that are not “up to par” as far as my American standards go… you know, having to manually light my oven, the fact that dishwashers have yet to be invented here, that our shower floods the bathroom with each use, etc. But one thing I have failed to mention is the condition of the mattress we sleep on… our old bed in the apartment downstairs was brand new and therefore pretty comfy (that’s not to say that it was our pillow-top mattress from back home, but I didn’t expect such comfort). Once we moved up here, however, we were stuck with the most uncomfortable mattress known to man (it’s more uncomfortable than Justine’s bed, for those who’ve had the misfortune of sleeping there, you know how bad that truly is…).

So we’ve been saying for weeks now that we need to pick up a nice thick mattress pad or something similar (you know, the cool egg-carton things we have back home) so we can sleep without springs causing lesions on our bodies. We went out this past weekend in search of such a thing, and low and behold (un-shocking though it may be…) there was nothing to be found. Your options for bedding are sheets, fitted sheets, ONE option of a traditional thin fitted mattress pad, and comforters (well, duvets actually, you buy the plain white comforter and it snaps inside the duvet cover of your choice). That’s it. So yesterday I get the bright idea of stealing the comforter from Kaden’s bed to put between our bed and fitted sheet since Kaden doesn’t sleep on the queen-sized bed in his room. And OH MY GOODNESS! I slept better last night than I have slept in months. It was so comfy and wonderful. So, once again, this country is making me creative with my ideas! Thanks UAE! Haha.

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