Friday, June 27, 2008

Salam Alaikum

So tonight we had Rainy and Marcelo over to hang out and eat food (Arabic food ironically). And Rainy started teaching us Arabic! We learned the alphabet and how to tie words together (they write in a sort of cursive and so there are beginnings, middles, and ends to eat letter... so essentially you learn three forms of each of the 28 letters). It was really cool and Stu and I both got a "test" of sorts where she'd write out a couple letters and then have us figure out how to string them correctly. By the next lesson she wants us to try to know the alphabet as well as possible.
It's especially hard because they read and write from right to left... so the muscles in your hand are trying to go opposite of what you are making them do... it feels like learning to write in kindergarten all over again. We were really hurting for that cool lined paper with the dash marks on it to practice. It's definitely been a while since I've had to write "a....a....a....a" over and over. But the more I write each letter the easier it gets.

Anyway, just wanted to update really quickly. Per grandma's request there will be more baby pics up shortly. I've apparently not posted enough to her liking so I will have to remedy that!

Love you all!

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