Thursday, June 5, 2008


Just when I thought I was going to do fine with the heat here (It’s been above 100 for a few weeks now and I’ve been ok), it gets humid. Last night I went down to the little store on the corner to get ice cream cones for Stu and I and when I came back into our building my hands were full so I leaned against the door to open it with my shoulder and when I pulled away, my skin literally peeled away from the door and made a sick sticky sound! And this was at close to 8:00 at night! I laughed because right when I walked outside I thought, “Whoa, it’s hard to breathe!” Turns out I have NO idea. It’s barely June.

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  1. Gulf news says it's gonna be 49C. This will be my first summer in UAE. Pretty exciting and frightening.