Sunday, June 15, 2008


We went to Oman again this weekend to get new Visitor's Visas (they are only good for 60 days). This time, I am pleased to announce, was MUCH better than the last adventure we took to Oman. We did not get lost this time and even though it took several hours, it was a fairly pleasurable experience.

Kaden was a very good boy the whole time. He got down while we were filling out forms at the borders and had a great time exploring the backseat. (Disclaimer for Grandparents: No, he was NOT on the floor at any time while the car was in motion)

We ate at the same restaurant in Al Ain that we did last time and it was just as good as I remember.

So now we are good until we go back home on vacation in August as far as our visas are concerned. Which is nice for our peace of mind.

Yesterday we watched “We Were Soldiers” on TV and Daddy took some pics of Kaden and Mommy playing on the floor.

Kaden just learned we have tongues and he was "getting" Mommy's.

He had an itchy face and scrunched it up to sneeze.


  1. hope each Oman border crossing gets easier – why not explore a bit – see on our blog some of the places in Oman beyond the border

  2. There are certain pics of Kaden that look damn near identical to your Mimi.....I'll blame Boppie for that one.......I figure since Kaden is the first Great-Great Grand Child, he needs to have some Patton like qualities about him. One thing about it, he's SUPER cute!!!!