Monday, June 9, 2008

Big Day...

So I accidentally had an eventful day. My morning was fine and then when I put Kaden down for his afternoon nap I went into the kitchen to finish making baby food and all hell broke loose!
I needed to run the blender but didn’t want to wake Sir up so I closed the door and finished making the food. Then I tried to leave the kitchen… I turned the knob and “thunk”… wouldn’t open. I looked through the space between the door and the latch and saw that the knob was broken… it wasn’t turning the latch-y part at all. “Ok, no big deal” I thought, “Stu will be home in a half hour of so.” The baby had just gone down so I wasn’t too worried about him waking up in the meantime. Then I had a horrific thought… I had locked the front door. Stu and I only have one set of keys for this apartment and he’s always hassling me to keep it locked while he is gone. “$#%^”

So I am looking around the kitchen (at the tiny window that opens up to the atrium, to ceiling paneling, etc.) for a means of escape, while cursing the builders at such a design flaw. No such escape. So I turn my attention back to the door. My first thought is to pull really, really hard… It’s a solid wooden door, not like the hollow type we’re used to in the US. Then I think that I can just remove the hinges but they are painted “shut”… after scraping with a butter knife for ten minutes it becomes clear that plan “b” isn’t going to work either. Finally I just slid the knife against the latch and “wiggled” it back and forth for about 15 minutes as each wiggle slowly slid the latch open. When it was back far enough I pull and ta-da! Freedom! I was all sweaty and exhausted by the time I finally made it out. BUT, I reminded myself, it could have been MUCH worse… Kaden could have woken up, Stu could have come home to a screaming baby, locked door, and sweaty, locked-in-the-kitchen wife…

In other news, my blog was brought to the attention of the journalist who wrote the article about the oil spills I mentioned the other day. He wants to get together to chat about it. I thought that was pretty cool. So we will see if that transpires into anything note-worthy.

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