Saturday, June 28, 2008

New Hair

Today I finally went and got my hair cut. It’s is crazy how long I dealt with that heavy mass of hair in this heat! But even after she first started to cut the length off, I was shocked at how light it felt. Now I can hardly tell I HAVE hair and it is FABULOUS! I can whip it around… turns out my hair was literally weighing me down, lol. So anyway, I have some crappy before and after pictures to show how much length I got rid of. But I really like the cut now. So much better having little hair… the best part is the teeny little ponytail that is back there now. So cute! And, as promised, pics of Kaden for grandma!

Long hair Sydney

Short hair Sydney

Long hair Sydney

Short hair Sydney (The cut really is even, I just had a different amount of hair pulled over my shoulder and the underneath is a different color than the top half. )

I also added some pics of our nasty stove. When we first moved up to this apartment it didn't get cleaned before we moved in. At first I didn't think it was that big of deal since I'd just go ahead and clean it and that would be that. Problem is, finding abrasive cleaners here is nearly impossible. Everything we found wouldn't remove grease. FINALLY this weekend we found some really hard-core grease remover. So I just had to point out how truly disgusting our stove was. Apparently the guy who lived here before us did not believe in cleaning.

Here is the top of the stove... with half of a "wipe" of the grease away.

Here is the "wipe"... sick.

Kaden completely enthralled with the Marines commercial on the TV.

He learned in one day how to open all the drawers and cabinets and Mommy had to fill the drawers with his toys while Daddy took the door off the hinges so Kaden didn't break it!

REAL safe game!

Kaden's favorite toy: Mommy's phone (with the keys locked, lest we "accidentally" call the States)

He really will play with it for hours.

Happy happy baby!


  1. Ok, he really is THE CUTEST baby in the world. I mean, those eyes and that smile -it's like he's a made-for-tv perfect kid! I can't wait to see him (and I'm worried he will be afraid of all of us!). Your new haircut is adorable, and you look like Justine in the photo! HA! Stove is gross........glad you got it cleaned!

  2. I REALLY like the new "do"! Very cute, Kaden is getting BIG! WOW! Funny how it goes so fast. Sad.... Mine is RIGHT behind yours! UGH!