Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hard Rock Cafe Dubai

Sorry it’s been a few days since I’ve posted… Thursday night we went over to Tony and Stef’s new apartment for grill night. They got the apartment on the top floor (that used to be a common area) so now it is cleaned up and their house looks great. They have it all painted and set up now and it is so much more homey feeling up there now (plus we had somewhere to stick a nap-needing Kaden!) Anyway, so that was fun. I forgot to take any pictures so I don’t have any visuals. Sorry!

In light of the recent terror warnings about staying away from touristy and “western” type places in the UAE, the three of us decided to hit up Hard Rock café in Dubai! Yeah, so much for heeding warnings, eh? But we had a great time. It is retardedly difficult to get to though and we got lost twice (while we could still SEE the building, the one-ways proved to be rather difficult). Kaden loved looking around at all the stuff on the walls. This particular Hard Rock has a car suspended upside down from the ceiling. That was fun. So we got ourselves shirts and drove on home. It was so dusty in Dubai (as it has been in Abu Dhabi these past few weeks) that there were very few photo opportunities.

Kaden's first experience with a balloon... he LOVED it!

Dusty Dubai

Once we came back to Abu Dhabi we hit up a little Souk here and got a marble chess set and marble glasses (more like goblets) for sinfully cheap. So that was cool. Then Stu had some fun with the camera and chess set.

Saturday was mellow, just did some shopping and then grilled some sausages and shrimp for an early dinner and watched Knocked Up again (still funny!).

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