Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Calling Home

So as I mentioned in my post yesterday, today (well, yesterday for me... still today for the States) is Justine's 18th birthday. So I called home hoping to catch her. Instead, I got my younger sister Maddison (who gets more witty and hilarious every time I talk to her, btw).

Maddison: Hello?
Me: Hi!
Maddison: Hiii...?
Me: Is Justine there?
Maddison: Uhhhh... no? I don't know where she is... who is this?
Me: Sydney.
Maddison: My sister Sydney?
Me: Yes!

THEN we finally get the excited "HIIIIII SYDNEY!!!" That's what we were looking for! hehe

So after some unimportant but funny chatter she askes, "Did you hear about Dad?" Sadly, the first thing that comes to my mind is the time a couple years ago when he broke his leg skiing and drove the whole way home with it still in his boot (he knew it was broken)... after skiing down the rest of the hill on it... THEN finally got my Mom to take him to the hospital to get it x-rayed and a cast.

So I say, "No... what happened?"

(stiffled eye roll and giggle [yes, I can HEAR an eye roll!]) "I'll let him tell you. Here he is..."

So a heavily drugged Dad gets on the phone...

Me: "Hey! Maddison said something happened..."
Dad: "Yeah, It's no big deal, I just wrecked my motorcycle (dirtbike)..."
"I broke my collarbone on both ends.... And I hit a cow."
Me: "You HIT A COW*???" haha

So he basically tells me that he was going to pass Maddison on a blind corner and spooked a cow who then ran out in front of him... How many people can say they crashed their dirt bike by broadsiding a cow??? haha I thought the story was awesome. So needless to say, poor Daddy is laid up on the couch (on the vacation time he'd already taken!!!) with pain killers, ignoring doctor's orders to use the sling and stay out of the garage working on stuff! :)

I DID eventually get to chat with Justine when I called her cell phone... girl's already moving fast, she went on a date last night with a 21-year-old! (A boy who IIII actually had a cruch on back in 6th grade!!! haha) But she seemed to be enjoying her summer vacation and the prospect of being an adult now.

Calling home is never uneventful! Haha! ... It's always something, huh?

* Note to all cow enthusiasts, the cow was uninjured in the making of this accident.

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  1. I didn't hear about the cow part (that makes the whole story even better! HAHA) but I also heard he broke a couple of ribs as well.......poor David!