Monday, June 9, 2008

Who Are We?

Did you know America is in an “Identity Crisis”? Neither did I, but according to, my generation (ages 18-34) is less likely to believe in the strength of American culture than our parents were (are). What it means to be an American, the feeling of obligation to hold America in high regard and pass this on to our children is growing weaker with the younger generations. Those of us who are entering the workforce and breeding the future of our country are the ones who are supposed to be strong in our national pride (taking over where past generations have left off), and have a desire to lead by example to promote the power of the American dream.

When you live abroad you get a whole new sense of what America means. It has both good and bad reception, but for reasons that are different when living in the States. Here, for example, there are people from all over the world who have fled their home countries to come to a land where they can make a living for their families that they could not make back home. Nearly all of these types of people that I’ve talked to would love the opportunity to go to America to work and live. Most will never have the chance. The UAE has become the Islamic version of America. You can come here to better your lives, but under Islamic law. It’s essentially America without the Bill of Rights. But as Americans, we take the Bill of Rights for granted and forget that they are not God-given rights. Our founding fathers realized the importance of individual liberty and gave it to us. You can come to Abu Dhabi and make money to send home to your family in Pakistan, but this is NOT America. You do NOT have the right to bear arms. You do NOT have the right to freedom of religion, or speech, or even press. It concerns me that my generation takes these rights for granted. We really should care more. We should be more proud in our national identity.

Ok, political rant over.

Kaden had a great time in the bath again last night and I just had to include some “getting ready for bath” pictures. He gets so eager, like this is a trip to Disneyland, every night when it is bath time! I wish I could get so excited about the things I do every day!

Eagerly watching Daddy get the bath ready

He never stops playing in the freaking box!

One more thing, I couldn’t help myself… Anyone who knows me has probably heard me stress the importance of schooling, and more specifically emphasis on Reading and America History. I am shocked by how many of my peers (friends and otherwise) who are completely ignorant of our national history. I think this is where a lot of our lack-of-pride comes from. You have to read, a lot, to increase your personal vocabulary, and be able to sounds relatively intelligent in a conversation, and you HAVE to be taught about your nation’s past to understand it. Public schools are failing our children.

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  1. AMEN to your last paragraph!! I completely agree about the reading and history. I'm not nearly as educated as I probably should be and wish I was, but I do love to read, and agree 100% that you have to read to further your vocabulary at all. So I totally echo your comments and sentiments. Just wanted to know you're not alone!! =)
    -Sarah (long distance "cousin" / second-cousin / somewhere in the Ezzell family tree!)