Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lazy Weekend.

We had just about the most lazy and boring weekend ever. Friday we did the same old stuff we always do, which ended with us watching a couple episodes of "Cops". (Told ya we were lame!)

Today we lounged around until dinner time and only left to go get Papa John's at the mall. I actually got a bunch of homework done and some papers written, but Stu and Kaden were your typical couch potatoes and proud of it! Haha.

Tonight we watched Liar Liar (one of my all-time favorite movies) and now we're just wrapping up the night so we can go to bed and start another work week.

Hopefully I'll have something cooler to say tomorrow! :)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

(Plowing through New Moon, btw)


  1. I ordered some Papa John's as a DIRECT result of this post. Love you.

  2. My weekend isn't over yet, but it is much like yours. I went to Spokane to Sues and made some cards and then just puttered around the house finishing up a few things that needed to get done before I start ripping the popcorn ceiling down tomorrow!
    At least AI don't feel like I'm the only one! :-)
    Love, Mamma