Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 12th: Day Eight

We woke up around 7 and then Kaden, my Mom and I went to Food Lion for some supplies. I got to pick up some things I’d missed (like Pizza Rolls! And bagels) and marvel at the selection.

Afterwards we picked up Hardee’s for everyone and then headed to the beach. We all swam for over an hour, splashing in the waves and getting tumbled head-over-feet by the undertow. Kaden wasn’t a huge fan of the water or the waves, but he had a great time playing in the sand on the beach with Momma E.

We headed back to the house for some fishing off the dock and then my Dad made us fried bologna sandwiches for lunch which were awesome. Kaden went down for a nap and Stu, Hayden and I went for a drive with my Dad to see Topsail Island and Surf City.

When we got back, Kaden woke up and we all played outside. There was some off and on crazy rain throughout the day and we got to enjoy a thunderstorm and real rain. After the rain, I caught my first fish which was a flounder and was the only catch of the day. Our neighbor showed us how to clean it the right way and then Maddy got to use the carcass for crab bait. My Mom also caught one shrimp in the casting net. I said that if we had a few more shrimp, combined with my flounder, we’d have a whole meal!

We went for an evening walk on the beach and found some cool seashells and met a crab. A good day at the beach!

Stu's artistic pic of the canal with his sandals.

The kids showing Kaden the fishies in the water.

Granddad making sure Kaden doesn't fall in! (Thanks, Dad!)

See all those white things? Those are birds feasting in the shallow marshland.

Hayden and Kaden passing the time during the thunderstorm.

My flounder!

Mom's shrimp.

Our neighbor showing us how to clean the flounder.

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  1. Aaahhhh makes me want to go to the beach SO bad! Tell Stu I think that's a cool pic he took with the sandals.

    That's pretty cool you caught a flounder out there - I can't remember ever catching one in the canal, haha, so way to go! Yeah that guy next door has a pretty nice setup, I bet he was glad to get involved!! And that makes me laugh about Maddy using the carcass for bait - there is just something about being down there that makes people do that - my brother does the SAME thing - he'll catch like 20 crappies and spots and use them all as bait just to try to get some crabs. Crazy boy. So did you get to eat your catch of the day?

    On a different note - aren't thunderstorms at the beach awesome?? They're so different than even just here in Raleigh. I love them during the day there - it's so neat to be able to see so far out into the sky and above the ocean and watch the storms come and go. Ahhhh, love it.