Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sand Storm.

I just wanted to post these for my readers who are not in UAE:

These are a couple pictures from our window of the sand storm we've been having for the past few days. If you think pollen makes you feel crappy, try breathing nothing but dirt for a week. I have no idea how people here with asthma or other breathing problems can even survive this crap.
These pictures don't even give you a good grasp on how bad it was yesterday either. We took these after we got home, but when we were at Marina Mall, looking back on Abu Dhabi (which is where this photo of the sky line was taken from):

... We could not see any of the buildings at all. It was just a wall of taupe staring back at us. Abu Dhabi could have been the sea for all we knew (though we DID know better). It was actually pretty eerie. I sure wish we had the camera with us.

UPDATE: I just found this picture from March, remember these buildings? This is on a fairly clear day.

I just went upstairs (where the dust cover has made this day relatively cool, I should add) and took a similar picture. No buildings today. Heh.


  1. Whoa... very eery indeed. Those last photos show it well.

  2. Well, there went any housecleaning you may have done before coming home!!! That's the way it is here, can see nothing at all of Phoenix and you get home to find sand/dust all over everything INSIDE your house! haha The problems with living in a desert!! But we still love it....