Monday, August 24, 2009

August 13th: Day Nine

We got up and headed right out after breakfast. Mom and Stu went clam digging in the sandbar in the canal while Kaden and I explored the property. Maddison joined them in the canal for a swim and afterwards we planned to fish but it started storming again, so we went inside for some pizza rolls (yay!) and a special about Alaskan gangs on the History Channel. After a while, Maddy and I decided to brave the cold and she and Stu and I went out and fished in the rain. It was fun, though moist.

Mom and Dad went for a drive and Stu and I soon followed suit and ended up at Long Island Pizzaria where Stu had a sub sandwich and I had a garlic cheese bread appetizer. Then we went to Waves and picked up some t-shirts (Topsail) for us and some Crocs and a water floaty toy for Kaden. Stu got a pair of Carona flip flops.

The entrance to Waves is an alligator (the one of the other side of the island is a shark)

We searched for shark teeth on the beach and Kaden finally got comfy enough to get in the water. We swam in the afternoon for a while again until Stu felt like he was getting burned again.

We had for barbecued pork sandwiches and tons of sides for dinner and then we went on our beach walk again and got ice cream for dessert at one of the local shops in town.

We ended the day playing cards (Hayden, Mom, Stu, Dad and I… Kaden and Maddison went to bed earlier) and stayed up until almost midnight playing. I think Hayden won, if I remember correctly.
Stu on the bridge over the dunes, heading to the beach.

Kaden admiring his uncle "Haynen".
Letting the water touch his toes.

Happy, happy beach baby!

Looking for shark teeth
I have to remind Stu that the only way I can prove I was there too is to be in at least one picture, lol.
Wading pool.

Splashing himself in the face.

Daddy splashing Kaden!

Pretty beach and dunes and sky.

Pretty boy!

"Taynen and Mom-mimi" (I figure that's close enough to "Momma E" because she's right between his Mom and his Mimi!)

My dork brother. Lol

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  1. So reading this just answered my question about the Topsail shirt from Wings/Waves on Facebook. :-)