Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 17th: Day Thirteen

No one got enough sleep but Mom made biscuits and gravy for breakfast and then mercifully took a teething and crabby Kaden (and Alli) to the beach so the rest of us could eat in peace. When they got back, Stu, Hayden, Granddad and I went out on the boat so the boys could go tubing. It was fun watching them and other than ending up sore, they had a great time. We came back and Stu, Hayden and I went souvenir hunting. Stu and I found a magnet (we collect them from the places we’ve been) and Stu got another sleeveless t-shirt because he’s wanted a few more.

Getting ready to leave to go tubing.

Kaden having the best time spraying Momma E with the hose. Look at the joy on his face! lol

We stopped for lunch at a little local diner called Mollie’s and then headed back. We all loaded up on the boat this time and rode out to a deserted island where the waterway touches the open ocean and hung out and hunted for seashells (they’re bigger and less broken there because it’s their first stop). We got to see a sting ray in the water and of course, I got seasick on the way back to the house. (Trolling along for over ten minutes just doesn’t work for me… and we trolled for about a half hour, ugh) I felt like crap through dinner which sucked because we had barbeque, chicken, and fixin’s for dinner. They boys were all tired from the day so we decided to forego flounder gigging that night. Hayd and I shared some pizza rolls before bed and then we all called it a day.

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