Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 14th: Day Ten

It rained in the morning, just like every other day, but because we’ve missed rain so much, it really was a nice change of pace for us. The rain was still warm so you could go outside and spend time in it and wear shorts no problem so it wasn’t miserable at all.

I organized our stuff a bit and then had super yummy Captain Crunch for breakfast. Stu and my Mom went clamming again while Kaden and I hung out and he played with water in a bucket.

Because of the rain, Stu, Hayden, Maddison and I went shopping to get out of the rain and the house. They each got to pick out a food prize each and then we dropped them back at the house and Stu and I went on a lunch date to “Nikki’s Chinese and Sushi bar”. It was just ok, the sushi we get here in Abu Dhabi is WAY better, but you can’t get sweet tea with your meal here, lol.

We tried to take a nap afterwards (I say tried because it was a fail with the noise) and then we went back to the beach and found sharks teeth and swam again. Sorry there are no pics of the times we went to swim. Everything was so sandy every time we got in and out of the water that I was afraid of messing up the camera. So just imagine us in bathing suits and screeching like little school girls in the waves and you have the right picture. :) Kaden got even braver around the water and was going in and out of the surf on his own.

We went back home and Mom made a yummy penne with tomatoes and cheeses and a salad and garlic bread for dinner (this is DEFINITELY a recipe I will be stealing and trying on my own… if you follow my food blog, stay tuned for that one). We watched We Are Marshall (sad EVERY time) and my Mom made us “wine-a-ritas” (like a margarita but with wine instead of tequila… of my God, soooo yummy!) and we had some spinach and artichoke dip and then called it a night.

Kaden watching We Are Marshall with "Dad-dad" (Granddad)

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