Saturday, August 22, 2009

August 8th: Day Four

Kaden woke up feeling great this morning, which was awesome and so much better than the day before. After breakfast, Kaden hung out with Grandma and Grandpa while Stu and I went clothes shopping for about an hour.

When we got back, we all headed out by the pool for a half hour or so before leaving for the Roast Grill which Tom had seen on Man vs. Food. It was a bust. After waiting for 20 minutes past their listed opening time for them to finally open, there were only three small tables with two chairs each in addition to the bar, which had ten or so seats. There was no way Kaden could sit and be manageable so we decided to go back to The Pit instead. Sadly, it was closed for a wedding reception until dinner so we settled with Applebee’s. It was yummy and I finally got my honey barbeque wings again, but Kaden hadn’t been the best out-to-eat meal companion lately. He wasn’t very well behaved.

We went back to the hotel and while my boys napped I watched stand-up comedy on YouTube and suffered trying not to burst out laughing while they were so peacefully sleeping.

We promised Kaden we’d hit the pool, so after nap we got dressed for pool time and went down there. Stu’s parents were driving out of the parking lot when we arrived so we waited for them to get back and join us down there. Kaden enjoyed the water time with Daddy and we all got a little sun.

Afterwards, Stu and I went on a date back to Red Lobster and Kaden stayed with his grandparents. We stopped by a Nissan dealership afterwards so Stu could see and touch the inside of a Titan but they didn’t have any (huh???).

We made it back around seven and a short time later, as Stu would put it, “the visit with my parents ended abruptly and unexpectedly”. I would call it something different.

After they left, we ended our night cuddling in bed watching Finding Nemo (for probably the fiftieth time) and talking to Momma E. Here are my boys watching the movie. The first one they are saying, “Loooove Mommy!”


  1. We are glad you made it back safe, althought we wished you could have stayed in the State's.
    That little Kaden is such a joy to be with, very grown up and BIG, we miss him so much. The face's he come's up with cracked us up, can't wait to be with him more!
    The picture's are great and can't wait to see what you did at the beach.

  2. That is an incredibly sweet picture of the two of them!
    Love, MammaE

  3. Abruptly and unexpectedly? Surely you must explain? :)