Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 18th: Day Fourteen

After breakfast, Stu and I headed to Food Lion to pick up a disposable camera for the deep sea fishing trip. I didn’t want our camera to go in case it got dropped in (that boat goes incredibly fast and you HAVE to hold on). So we settled for a disposable.

The boys got the boat ready and everyone except Mom, Kaden and I went (the sleepy head and the two motion-sickers. Stupid). I decided it would be unwise to get back on a plane already motion sick, so I opted out of the trip. After they left, Kaden thrilled himself with spraying Momma E with the water hose and then soaking himself. I cleaned up the house and did the dishes and then joined them out under the gazebo where Kaden took his lunch (ah, the life).

Getting ready to head out!
Bye bye!

These next 6 Stu took with the disposable while they were out there (talk about a quality difference, sheesh):

Granddad driving the boat.

The open sea.

This is an Army Corps of Engineers boat for dredging the bottom of the waterway so it stays deep enough for the boats to go through.

She's the Queen of the world!

Stu said they did a lot of this because the fish weren't biting. :)

I finally got a chance to drive all by my lonesome and went to the Crab Pot to pick up some SheCrab soup for my Mom and me for lunch. Kaden had gone down for nap by the time I made it back with the soup and the two of us enjoyed an eerily quiet lunch while we got to catch up on our respective books in peace with no one else around. Mom laid down on the couch to rest and I knocked out half my book before also turning in for a wonderful afternoon nap in the sunshine coming in our room.

After nap we headed to pick up some fudge to send home for Grandma Jan (Mike’s wife, who’s Dad is dying so she couldn’t come down to the beach). Then we went to the store to get some snacks for our return journeys back home (which we realized was about the same number of hours… us on a plane and layovers, them driving straight through. 32 hours. I can’t imagine that one!). We got back to the house right after the boat made it back home (unfortunately they didn’t catch anything).

Here they are coming back in.

While Stu started the coals, Mom and I went to work on dinner which consisted of clam chowder, fried flounder, apples and onions, broccoli, baked potatoes, and salad to accompany our (Stu) grilled steaks (it was our last night and the food all needed to be eaten). After dinner, Granddad, Stu and I took Kaden out to the dock to feed the fishies the dinner leftovers. Then we gathered up all of our stuff and got pretty well packed and ready to go.

Cooking fools. :)

The living room at the beach house.

Kaden walking with Great Granddad out to feed the fishies the leftovers from dinner.

Tossing in an orange slice!

Fishies love oranges, who knew?

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  1. Man, that disposable camera - I had no idea they were that bad, haha! It is a good idea though to take out there. I've been trying to come up with something to use at the beach for a while now. Last time I took my old point-and-shoot, and I had seaspray and gunk to wipe off it after just 20 minutes walking on the beach. It even showed on the lens in the pictures. Yuck!