Friday, August 28, 2009

Sarah's Vacay Videos

So, for some reason, the videos Sarah took on her camera and shared with us to take back home won't upload on here. She found a way to make them a smaller size so they upload, but until I figure out what to do about my uploading issues, I can't get them on here. So, in the meantime, check out Sarah's brand new blog for some videos of Kaden and Co. while on vacation! They are adorable!


  1. Hey I sent you a long facebook post (two actually, haha I wrote too much for just one) about the video files. Long story short - try Windows Movie Maker on your computer, should just come with Windows already.

  2. Sarah....the videos of Kaden are precious! We both thank you for taking them so we could at least see him in 'action' while in the USA again!! You did a great job!

    Dianne and Bill (Mimi and Papa)
    Greatgrandparents in Arizona

  3. Dianne and Bill - you're very welcome!! Glad you enjoyed them so much! :-)