Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August 16th: Day Twelve

Kaden was up at 6, which meant and early rise for most everyone else too. Momma E and Kaden fed the birds in the morning and then Mom made bacon, eggs, grits, and toast for breakfast. Then we headed to the beach. The waves were so awesome this day. Probably ten or so feet high with a killer undertow. We all had a hard time swimming back once we were tired and had to stick together for that reason. My siblings, as with the whole trip, were so much fun and so funny. We had such a great time and generated so many inside jokes (i.e. “Activity Request”). It was great. We saw a couple of dolphins playing in the waves near us (like ten yards away at one point). When I first saw them I was kind of freaked out and Stu called me a chicken. Then when they got so close he said, “Maybe we should get out.” Lol! Who’s the chicken now? :)

Kaden and Momma E feeding the seagulls.

We went back home for lunch and to let Kaden nap and then relaxed for a bit in the afternoon. Kaden got brave enough to get in the boat with his grandparents and he had a great time driving the boat.

A view of the canal from the dock at the beach house.
Stu and I "napping" (goofing off with the camera instead).
Coming back in from crusing around the waterway.
Captain Kaden.
Steve and Dad.
While they were out cruising around, Steven, Brook and Alli arrived and we headed back to the beach where the waves were HUGE. We saw a small sand shark (about 3 feet long) and fought 10+ foot waves. I taught Brook how to dive into them when they are too high and she was brave and ventured out into the deeper water with us big kids.

Then we came back and had hotdogs and hamburgers for dinner (Stu was the grill master of course). Then Stu, me, Steve, Dad, Maddy, Hayd, Brook and Alli headed out to go flounder gigging. Stu and Hayden each caught one, but then after about an hour and a half, I of course had to get seasick. They were wonderful enough to drop me back at the house (stupid body) around 12:30 AM. They made it back (with two additional fish) around 2 AM. Apparently my hair had been hanging on to the sand from the waves, in spite of like 5 showers a day, because, that night when it finally dried, it released it all into the bed (and I’m talking a SHIT TON of sand). I slept terribly between brushing the sand out every hour or so and bizarre dreams all night long.

Stu with his big flounder.

The stab marks!

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