Friday, August 21, 2009

August 7th: Day Three

I was up at 6 AM for some silly reason but my boys didn’t get up until 7:30 (it’s really boring in the morning hours when you can’t turn on a light or make much noise because other people are sleeping within feet of you). Kaden apparently wasn’t feeling too great and right after I got him dressed to go down for breakfast, he threw up all over himself and the floor. So, he got a bath and Mommy proceeded to panic and entertain thoughts of a sick baby for the rest of our vacation. After about an hour of cuddling on the couch (in nothing but a diaper… just in case) he felt well enough to eat some banana and then finally worked up to toast and yogurt and finally some water.

We headed to the Natural Science Museum in downtown Raleigh. Let me just say that downtown Raleigh is the single most uncrowded and quiet downtown I’ve ever been in (including Coeur d’Alene, if you can believe that, lol). We went down there several different times both during the work week and the weekend and each time we easily found a parking space, it was calm and quiet out. I loved it. Kaden loved all of the living things especially and though the dinosaurs were “coo-wool”.

A whale skeleton, suspended from the ceiling at the Natural Science Museum in Raleigh.

The "sinus-sores".

Kaden and I standing inside a dinosaur footprint.

Afterwards, we decided to each at The Pit again and it was even better than the first time. We headed back to let Kaden take a nap for a few hours before heading to Crabtree mall where I got a few things at Old Navy (like new sweats… I can finally retire my cheer sweats, lol) and Stu finally purchased a pair of Oakleys. I got to indulge in an Icee, which was awesome and then we got some sandwiches and crackers and a yummy crab dip for a simple supper (who knew eating out could get old?).

Kaden with his Grandma and Grandpa at The Pit.

We got back to the room and it reeked of cigarette smoke. After summoning the manager and watching his panicked face think about the fact that a maid smoked in our room, the hotel discovered that it was in fact our neighbors who were trying to be stealthy and smoke in the bathroom of a non-smoking room. Unfortunately, the vent passed through our room and they were hit with a $200 fine per the hotel’s policy (next time, get a smoking room. Duh.) So we got moved down one room so they could fumigate it and we called it a night.


  1. Yucko about the room!!

    I'm glad you guys liked Raleigh. :-) I've never actually been in the museum, but it looks awesome.

  2. Well, that smoke is disgusting enough without it being like it was in your own room! I'm glad the hotel had the balls to fine them! Great work to them! And, also, that they tried their best to accommodate you and get you out of that room. Your trip, so far, sounds great and we wish more than ever that we could have been there to see you! I used to go to Raleigh every Friday night and every Sunday night to take Papa back and forth to the airport when he'd fly "home" on the weekends from New York City!! We lived in Dudley, NC, just a few miles from Goldsboro. Raleigh was the only airport near us so I got to know that cute city pretty well. I'm sure it's grown up a lot since those days. ha Your mom and siblings went to the Catholic school in Goldsboro. In some ways, it was a nice place to live!