Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Last Weekend Here.

We had another great weekend, which is really awesome, especially as close as we are to leave. The days appear to be dragging on a bit longer the more excited I am to leave.

Thursday night we opted for Lebanese Flower take-out, which was great! Of course. We all had our usual (Kaden eating every scrap of his shawarma and then a whole other piece of Arabic bread to top himself off). Afterwards, we were discussing which movie to watch and I had a hankering for the outdoors (sweaty, sandy, and humid as the bath, thought it was). So I suggested we head to the park. Stu, "But it's almost dark." Me: "Yeah, but this is what they do here. It's too hot to take your kids outside during the day so they take them out at night. There must be lights." So we chances the light situation and went. Well, it started out pretty cool. There are lights and we weren't the only family with the "wait till dusk" idea about the park. It was still over 100 and so humid that Kaden's hair was soaked through in under 15 minutes, but he did seem excited about the open space and toys....

... until he bashed his face on said "toy". He was climbing on one of the structures like he's done for the past year now and for whatever reason slipped and lost his footing. His face came in contact with a perfect corner right smack dab between his eyes. At first it swelled up like a second nose and I was close to panic, but it went down after a few minutes and appeared to disappear completely. Until today of course, three days later. Now, my poor baby has a huge bruise on the top of his nose and his left eye is turning black as a result. He looks like a boxer or something. I remember my poor brother used to have bumps or bruises all over his head for like 4 years because he was constantly trying dangerous things and falling. I hope Kaden shows a bit more discretion than that, but it's the first major visible owie he's had and it makes me so sad to look at his bruised face. Poor kid.

Friday, I was perusing MySpace and saw that Dan mentioned he was looking forward to "tonight". I had an inkling that he may be talking about poker because we'd played the past few weekends, but because Matt and Mike appeared to be otherwise prioritized, we'd cancelled it this week. Instead, Dan got Mike and Buddha to come out and we got together and played anyway (Tommy came up to play too). It was great because the first game Stu got second place to Buddha (with the money split made us even) and then I won the second game! It was a great way to say farewell to our poker games for the next few weeks. AND we didn't drink too much this weekend so we felt fine and dandy on Saturday. :)

We were going to head to Hamdan center but it turns out most of the stores are closed on Saturdays (which is beyond me because that's when most everyone here is off...) so Stu let me take a nap with Kaden and then woke me up with whispers of sweet nothings about taking me out to dinner, which sure is a great way to awaken :). We headed to our favorite Asian place and got sushi and then I had the cashew chicken, which was awesome, my new favorite, and Stu had his favorite: sweet and sour chicken. We walked around the mall for a bit afterwards and then called it a night. Now it's planning and packing time for our trip! Woot woot.

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