Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Gulf: The NEW "Dead" Sea?

I've been preaching for months to anyone who will listen about how sick the Gulf is becoming and this article illustrates exactly what I've been saying: the Gulf is sick and dying, it is polluted, and it is now, according to the article, threatening to become too salty to use for desalinization and therefore, drinking water for the UAE. Nice.

I don't eat seafood from here because the fishing industry here is practically criminal (and literally would be if held to global standards). "Sustainable fishing" is a nearly unheard of term and you have to acknowledge that it effects the product of that fishing. The available seafood is the sickly, leftovers of the populations, not healthy, strong species. Add to that the issues with red tide we had here for about 7 months, which killed even more marine life, and you can see the serious problems the Gulf is facing. I wonder what it will take for any real change to happen?


  1. Sadly, it'll probably take a crisis, just like it does with anything else, for the world (or even just a region) to realize that sustainable practices are necessary.

  2. It is a beautiful sight to see the Persian Gulf (or Arab Gulf for those who will not call it Persian) splashing against the shorelines. It didn't seem "dirty" upon an awesome look from shore to shore. But there was a slight "odor" know? Just enough for me to never eat anything called "seafood" in the UAE! haha I will stick to the Lebonese Flower, thank you! Someday that country and others bordering that waterway will be very sorry. I hope they wisen up soon.