Wednesday, January 23, 2013

7 Minutes.

So, does this happen to anyone else? I have been working out every day, but it seems fairly consistent that when I hit the “7 minute mark” (or thereabouts), I hit a wall. I always want to just quit there and call it good, but I push through it and then it feels like I could basically go forever. It is so weird. Last night especially, I hit the 7 minute mark and I was shaking and felt like I might barf (I had JUST eaten dinner after a late work day followed by mandatory errands), and my legs burned. But then a few minutes after that and I find myself more relaxed and the pain recedes and then suddenly I have been going for like a half hour after the first 7 minutes felt like 2 hours. It’s so weird. Is this typical? Anyone else have a “magic number” they have to push through?

1 comment:

  1. For me it's ten minutes. I feel like I'm going to DIE. And once I get past it, it's so much easier. Depending on the exercise, though, I'm still counting the minutes. 20 min on the treadmill is torture enough for me. I just don't like it. And I wonder why it's so hard to do 20 min on the treadmill when I could walk 20 min no problem. Some people say the first 15 minutes are the hardest. Stick with it! :)