Saturday, January 26, 2013


Ok, so, after last night, I woke up quite hungover. This was a bummer because my Mom is in town and she brought her boyfriend, George, down to meet all of us for the first time. We all had a pretty decent day. George, Mom, Kaden and me went grocery shopping for Mimi's birthday dinner I was making for the night, where everyone would come over, and I was just trying really hard not to shit my pants in the store. Hangovers suck. Don't drink, kids.

Anyway, so my Momma made a killer breakfast of French Toast and bacon and then we set off on our travels to Fred Meyer, and then Mom and George with Kaden to Harbor Freight to get a triangle wrench because I killed my food processor and George was damned and determined to fix it. He had said a few times throughout the day that he was feeling dizzy or otherwise just tired. My Mom had surgery a few days ago and George has been taking care of her during sleepless nights and then drove down here in a blizzard, which took them 10 hours (a normally less than 8-hour drive). He didn't want to lay down and nap, so he just kept working on the food processor.

A few minutes after he sat down with the machine at the table, he got this weird look on his face and then fell out of his chair, sending it flying into the living room and then he started convulsing. Unfortunately for Mom, in her quick reaction to him falling, she caught him on his way down with her bad arm, and probably re-damaged it. He continued to convulse and shake on the floor and my Mom and Doug were tending to him while I called 911. Jackson was thrilled by it because both a fire truck AND an ambulance came to HIS house. He kept trying to get the attention of the paramedics saying, "Hell-lloowwww!" He was stoked.

Eventually they got him somewhat back to normal, though his eyes and demeanor stayed pretty "far away," and he couldn't really form words or focus. The paramedics said this was completely common (What???). They took him away and the rest of us finished up dinner and Mimi and Marcia came over to eat. It is crazy what adrenaline does to your body though. I was full blown shaking for at least an hour afterwards and then I felt like I NEEDED a nap. Marcia joked that while our family is pretty intense, that's not typically the effect we have on people. :) Poor George. Apparently it was just a random seizure as he doesn't have an issues that should cause seizures, but I'll tell you what, it was certainly terrifying. When they didn't think he was breathing for like 5 solid minutes while we waited for the paramedics to get there, I thought for sure he was going to die on my kitchen floor. Scary, that.

Kaden was little more freaked out, because he happened to be standing front and center when it happened and in the commotion of trying to make sure George didn't hurt himself, and calling 911, no one bothered to usher Kaden out of the room so he just sat there and stared. We had a chat with him later, explaining that sometimes these things happen and when he found out George was ok and was going to go home and take a nap, he felt better. Kids are so much more resilient than adults are. I totally expected much more worrying. It must be nice, to completely trust someone so much that when they tell you things will be ok, you believe it emphatically  I am jealous. :)

So anyway, a pretty eventful and unexpected turn of events for the day. Mimi did love the present we got her, which was a stretched canvas photo of the three kids together for her house after she liked the one I got Stu for Christmas so much. I thought she would love it. :) She even made her own birthday cake, which was her freaking amazing banana cake and it was SO GOOD! Hopefully George can get plenty of rest tonight and though I am sure he is going to be sore, hopefully everything works out well for him.

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