Saturday, January 19, 2013

Double Date.

So, Stu and I do "date night" like most couples, where every so often (we don't have a set schedule), we go on dates without the kids. BUT, what we don't do is "double date." Well today we went on a real double date with my friend Emery, who has been my hairdresser for almost the past decade, and her boyfriend, Nate. We thought about it, and the last double date (sans kids) we went on was almost three years ago, so it truly is a rarity. For the date we went to the Discovery Center and saw the "Bodies Revealed" exhibit. It was........ interesting. I don't know, I expected it to be sort of weird, what with it being dissected humans on display, but it ended up being far more voyeuristic and morbid than I'd anticipated. I've heard people say it was a bunch of various adjectives for "amazing," but I was basically thoroughly freaked out. What really got to me was, as I meandered through the exhibit, it was obvious all of the specimens were Asian... so then I got to wondering how all of these people came to be in the exhibit. How did they round up so many people to participate in this? Were the forced to donate their bodies? There was a woman who was four months pregnant and they dissected open her uterus so we could see the fetus within. Talk about morbid. All of it's little parts were already formed and it was just this tiny like squirrel-like baby boy in there, captured forever in petrified death. Totally disconcerting.

Then we went to Bardenay for dinner, which wasn't an awesome plan because it was one degree outside and we had to park and walk because it was a Saturday night and then it was PACKED. So we got to wait for 30 minutes before we found a seat, so it was after eight before we ordered our food. For someone who normally eats dinner around five, I was STARVING. So my mushroom sammy was a-ma-zing when it finally arrived. We chatted for a while and then eventually decided to come back to our house for a bit. We hung out for a while and then called it bedtime. It was fun having a date with grown-ups.

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