Friday, January 18, 2013

It's Friday, Mudafukuz!

Today was a pretty good day. I have been getting chronic headaches that Tylenol/Excedrin/Advil cannot even touch, and today was another of those days, but in spite of that, it was fun at work and then fun at home, which is what counts.

We had another "big screen" movie night and watched Ice Age Continental Drift with the kids. It was freaking hilarious! I figured it wouldn't be all that great, because let's face it, multiple sequels often leave a lot to be desired, but instead, I was cracking up the entire movie. Would totally recommend.

Then Stu and I watched Men in Black III after the kids went to bed and it too was awesome. The second one wasn't great, so I had very low expectations, but it was way better than I figured it would be. All in all it was a pretty chill night, following a chill day. (And it was also chillY, so we're clear... we haven't gotten above 20 degrees in almost a month and the cabin fever is getting severe for all of us.)

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