Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Busy... As Always.

So let me just vent for a bit. I will preface this by saying that I realize this is all my own doing, so I really have no room to be a whiner, however, as this is my blog, I will whine if I want to. Neener neener and all that.

I woke up this morning before the sun, got ready for my day, kisses my kids who were awake (missed sleeping Princess Lila... which means I didn't get to see her all day. Sad face.), and headed to work in the snow and with tard drivers. It was a busy, unrelenting day at work, so I was pretty tired by the end of the day anyway. Then I got to stay an extra hour to record a Webinar, so I had to pack breakfast, lunch, AND dinner to take with me to work that morning. I finished up the Webinar in time to fly across campus and NOT find adequate parking, then run on the ice (in high heels) to my night class in the freaking Engineering building (which, I maintain, ought to be bulldozed down to make room for another parking garage). Class is headed up by yet another cop, who I also maintain that I can’t stand be taught by. (He said something along the lines of, “If you were taught this class by a professor, it would be more academic… I would rather teach you in practical terms.” Great, so not only am I going to learn about Criminal Justice management from a cop, I don’t even get the luxury of learning the theory behind methods of CJ management. I get verbal diahrea from a former chief of what worked for him. Non-academics have little place in academia. Let those who will become cops learn on the job and not waste my time in class.

Anyway, rant aside, then I had to stop by the post office on my way home (side note: the post office by the airport is super deserted and creeping at night time) to mail off some books I sold on Amazon.

I FINALLY made it home and had to rinse out my dishes from the day, prepare more meals for the following day to take to work, change into workout clothes, and finally got on the treadmill at nearly 10 at night. BUT, the big point here is that I DID get my fat butt on the treadmill, so that is a victory in and of itself. And one of which I am proud. :)

I finally finished up and got a shower and fell into bed before midnight. Time to do it all over again tomorrow. 

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  1. Sounds like a horrible day but yay for the treadmill. Still, every once in a while you just need a break, huh?