Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Here's the thing about winter: I have HATED it since I learned to drive. Well, ok, that's not true. I have hated it since I got my Prius... or, probably before that... since I have to commute in it. I HATE driving with other fucktards on the road. NO ONE in Boise is capable of driving properly in the snow and it drives me crazy. In CDA it would snow a foot and everyone would take to the streets with no problems. When I learned to drive, my Dad took me to several abandoned parking lots and had me purposefully make the car misbehave so I could feel what to do when it happened to me in the streets so I would be a safe driver. Apparently that lesson is lost on Boiseans. As a result, since I moved here, I have dreaded the white stuff because I no longer participate in any snow sports since I had kids, and for now, I always only have to drive in it. And that sucks.

Then I got my CRV. And I have been returned to a snow lover. I ABSOLUTELY love my car. It handles amazingly and I could literally not be any happier about it. It's a nice change and I am going to enjoy it. :)

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