Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Semester Shemester.

I am not sure how it is possible, but it seems that this coming semester is going to be even busier than last semester was. First off, Stu and I are alternating days of night school. He goes on Monday and Wednesday nights and then we switch and I go Tuesday and Thursday. I still work all day, every day, so that won't change any, but I am hosting more Webinars for work now, and those tend to run later than my typical schedule. So now, every other Monday for sure, we have an overlap in our schedules, so we need to call in family reinforcements, and then whenever else I have calls. Then, Stu has to figure out how to come up with the time to get in 65 hours of internship time this semester as well. I am taking my Research Methods class as well, so that's a pretty hefty paper and series of presentations I have to give, so the Friday night and weekends we appeared to have empty are already going to be eaten up with that.

Basically, I am seeing that there is going to be a lot of playing catch-up constantly, and moving duties and deadlines to accommodate others. I am just hoping we get through it relatively unscathed. AND, I have committed to my diet/workout regiment I started a few weeks ago, so that means I WILL work out every night either after class, or after the kids go to bed, depending on whichever is earliest, so that I don't add any more weight onto my already stressed frame (and self-esteem). I think I have done myself a favor getting into the rhythm of working out while we were on a break, and I am confident that I can keep it up. I just HAVE to keep myself from turning to food/drink when I am stressed out and overtaxed. I don't want to be a fat kid forever.

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