Thursday, January 10, 2013


So between last night and this morning we got a pretty decent amount of snow. But what really made things sketchy was the rain prior to the cold and snow, which created a nice little layer of black ice that was then covered by a dumping of snow. It totally reminded me of Coeur d’Alene’s ice storm ’96. So, while getting ready for work this morning I start to see the school closures coming in. Low and behold, ALL of the school districts in the valley were closed… just not Emmett and Kuna, which is where Kaden’s school is. Because they are a private school, they can choose to be open or closed, depending on what they feel is safe, but they decided to defer to the Kuna School District’s advice and stay open. Ugh. So we decided to have me take Kaden, both so Stu didn’t have to wake Lila up and take all the kids through a blizzard to get to school, and because my car handles amazingly in snow.

Kaden and I had no problems whatsoever, but we saw plenty of people who did. I think I saw more cops driving around than any other cars, which was nice. And also, because of the other school closures, there were almost no other cars on the road on the way there. What made driving bad, though, was the wind. It kept drifting on the already-plowed Meridian Road, so you would be going along, no problem, at like 45 mph and then suddenly hit a berm of snow that was 4 inches deep with no warning. BUT, we got there as soon as Miss Sara came outside to have the kids come in, so I was pretty impressed with us.

Kaden is a freaking riot and I wish I could take him to school every day. He asked so many logical, smart questions (like why having a heavier vehicle is actually safer than a smaller car, even though smaller things ought to stop easier than heavier things) and he is so intuitive. We discussed why watch a giant truck pass a tiny car on the right should was a terrible plan, and why we were giving ample “stopping distance” (and what that meant) between us and the car in front of us. He made the drive seem like minutes (and the counter drive all the way to work feel much longer in comparison) and I was in happy spirits despite the weather, when I dropped him off. I love my little guy. 

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  1. Kaden impressed the heck outta me, the first day we got there he and I took a walk to the school up the street and he talked the whole time and he's a verybright guy!