Sunday, July 13, 2008


So we all went for a stroll down by our major street in our neighbo(u)rhood this weekend and took some more pictures using cool shutter speeds. Enjoy:

We also got soma paintings this weekend... they don't do much to minimize the HUGE crack on our wall (surely proof that it will only remain standing another handful of years), but they are fun nonetheless.


  1. Arn't cmrea's with all the bell's and whstles fun? you are doing a great job with your blog's. We enjoy all of them very much:).
    Keep up the good job!
    Tom and Patty!!!

  2. Papa and I enjoy all your pictures and can't wait to see all these things when we get there if there is time!! We can't take time from our "Kadentime" to do any sightseeing!! haha We LOVE your blogs and can't wait until the next one!!!! Love you SO much!!
    Mimi and Papa!!!!!