Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Stand Corrected.

So yesterday I made a list and on it I mentioned, as I have in a prior post, that Abu Dhabi is quite lacking in good Mexican food. My terrible experience at Chi Chi's here only further solidified that opinion.

BUT, thanks to a recommendation from Lindsay, a fellow blonde-American-in-Abu-Dhabi who stumbled upon my blog, Stu, Kaden and I decided to hit up Cantina Laredo in the Khalidiyah Mall. We had only been to that particular mall twice (!!!) since it’s the only Papa John’s locale. We had never taken the time to enjoy the mall for its mall-like qualities. After spending time there today, I could venture to say that it has risen on the list to my favorite of all the malls here. We have experienced-out the experience of the Abu Dhabi mall since we’ve been there so many times, and Al Wahda mall, which remains a close second favorite, is where we grocery shop anyway, so it too loses its allure.

Anyway, kudos to Lindsay for the recommendation! The meal was fabulous (Stu didn’t like his as well as I liked mine), and the service was probably the best we’ve experienced since we’ve been here. They even had honest-to-goodness “dank” guacamole that like El Gallo Giro (or whichever order it goes in), they make at your table. Enough nostalgia, in fact, that Stu almost got a little misty-eyed recalling some of our favorite memories from Kuna.

Another fun aspect of our evening involved the music on the way home. Typically, Stu carries his mp3 player with him and we get whatever is on shuffle as our musical entertainment. Tonight Stu failed to bring it and we were treated to the likes of James Brown and D-I-S-C-O galore. The station advertised “non-stop dance party hits”, hehe. So we rocked out with the windows down to “Kung-Fu Fighting” while we drove through the city, in all of its high-rise lighted glory. Stu said, “Today I actually like living here.” It really was a good day. It is so nice to take a drive through to city at night where you can’t see any dust or dreary skies, and to take it as just any other city, with everyone going about their business, with the typical hustle and bustle you’d expect in a city.

So the night couldn’t have finished out all perfect and fun-like huh? Nope. Allah had to remind us that we are living in the big sand land, and HE is the one in control… No dance party in the car for nothing. We get home and our A/C is broken. Right on. We had some guys here earlier because last night the A/C in our bedroom went out and we were dealing with just the living room A/C to cool the whole house (in 115 degree weather, that’s asking a lot of one little A/C). So they came, made us late for getting out to eat, and broke it more, apparently. We were told to leave the bedroom one on for an hour and it would be cool. So we went to eat. We come home and as we walk from the hallway, it feels like we are walking back outside as we enter our apartment… (expletive).

So Stu calls the guy who’s in charge of “the guys” who fix crap and he eventually comes by himself to look at it (To his credit, he TRIED turning off his phone for a while, but did that stop Stuie? No way Jose!). They will be here at ten tomorrow morning. Which means that we get to sleep another night in sweat. Ugh. And poor little Kaden will wake up all wet too. Stu and I both slept horribly last night so I am assuming it will be another restless night.

At least we had a really good first part of the night! I hope everyone back in the States is enjoying their cool 90 degree weather. Know that at least someone else in the world is jealous of you!


  1. glad you liked the restaurant! i love khalidiyah mall too but mostly cause they have papa john's and cantina laredo.
    and i'm so sorry to hear about your ac... that's just torture in this country... i hope it gets fixed soon!

  2. Hi..we can't wait to try out your Mex. restaurant! Maybe I should bring guac "just in case?" We might have Mex. tomorrow night at Los Olivos..our place! We've found a great sushi place, called Sushi Broker. Kyle and Amie eat there at least twice a week!! If you ever venture to Arizona again, we'll take you there...great steak teriyaki!! Love you and will see you in a few days!!!! YEAH!! Mimi andPapa