Tuesday, July 15, 2008


First off, there are some pics of Kaden for the loyal blog-reading grandmothers of the bunch.

Now, about an hour ago Stu called me on his way home from work.


“Hey baby… I just got in a really bad wreck…”

Other than “so and so died”, these are pretty close to the last words you ever want to hear from your husband. With the psycho drivers in this country I am always so worried about Stu when he is driving to and from work. He and Nick (as you may remember from another blog) got into a little fender-bender shortly after we got here. This time was on the freeway and both cars are apparently more than totaled. Stu said he has a few scrapes but is otherwise ok. Thank God.

But now starts the process of figuring out fault and getting home… Last time Nick was driving and he came by our apartment before going to his own and it was after 8:30 at night! Hopefully that doesn’t happen to Stu. But typically both parties have to go to the Police Station and it is worked out there. Here, there is no such thing as a no-fault wreck. Someone’s going to be in trouble… and if you’re not Emirati and you get in an accident with one (regardless of the antics of the crazy Em-train), YOU are at fault. Period. After finding out that Stu’s fellow accidenters were in traditionally dress, I’d assume that’s what we’re dealing with.

Anytime something like this happens (an accident), regardless of how minor it is, it makes you take a step back from your life and take a mental inventory of it. Then it humbles you.

I have a beautiful son and wonderful husband who tries so hard to make me happy (as I stare at the flowers he brought me just on Thursday). I am blessed to have the opportunity to live in a foreign country and develop a better sense of cultural understanding and patience, while my husband makes more money than we could ever dream of making back in our own country with the skills we have now. We’re all healthy. Our son is developing ahead of his peers. Things are good. And now when my husband does get home I can give him a hug and kiss and thank God for one more day with him. Truly blessed...

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  1. I'm glad he is ok. And hope that they don't find him at fault. What happens to the person who is found to be at fault?