Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Yep, that’s right. I have a confession to make. Stu came home this afternoon bearing a package from Marcia. “Yay! Christmas again!” I tell Kaden as I get out the scissors to cut the tape. It has the cutest little jumpers with more characters and stripes and bright colors to add to his nothing-purchased-by-his-own-parents wardrobe. The bottom was loaded with mail which Stu and I gleefully went through saying, “taken care of”, “that one’s done”, etc. It feels so nice to be almost out of debt. It means that when we go home instead of half a month’s worth of paycheck going to car payments and rent and various charge cards, it can go into a savings account. Or become one heck of a Christmas for a baby we couldn’t spoil last year. Anyway, along with the mail and Kaden goodies (including a “Koi toy” floating Koi fish for the bathtub! Cool!) were an assortment of foodstuffs. We got corn meal (!!! Hehe, WHO reads my blogs???), and some mixes for muffins. Well, and here is the confession part, I opened one of these packages after Stu mentioned that we didn’t have muffin pans, dumped it into a bowl, added the half a cup of milk called for in the directions, stirred it up…. And proceeded to eat half of it. Yep. Raw. In all of its yummy goodness. Mom would have smacked me! Hehe.

So needless to say, I hadn’t eaten dinner yet, but now am full. From blueberry muffin mix. Right on.


  1. Hi Sydney! Its Ashleigh! I just wanted to tell you that I love reading your blogs, you are such a great writer. You make everything very interesting and funny! I have even read a few to my husband because I enjoyed them so much! Keep writing! I think I check it everyday....and I really don't even know you that much :) anyways, I really do enjoy them all and I will continue to read them! :) take care

  2. Thanks for reading Ashleigh! I just love it when I hear that people from "back home" are following. Makes it all feel a little more worth while. :)