Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wives Club and Big Boy Baby

Stu turned out fine, so that was good. He only got some scratches from where the airbag went off under the arm he was steering with. But we a great night playing last night, which was really nice. Kaden is more animated every day and he makes me laugh so hard!

This morning while I was finishing my morning mug of green tea I looked over and he was lying in his pool… just hanging out. For a kid that rarely stops “going” it is still funny to me every time he relaxes some. He’s even been great about sitting with me and reading a book without getting restless.

Wives Club was great again yesterday. I “brought” muffins again which always seem to be a big hit… it seemed very lacking without food last time so I decided to bring on the carbs! I think we all sort of crave structure in our lives and we all feel better after getting together to gush about whatever random topics that happen to come up, whether it is babies, or Brangelina, or where to find shorts in a country that frowns upon women’s bare legs in public… Good times. (That said, with Sam and Rainy and I, the conversation is never so modest… OUR topics are about an aunt who shat herself, c-section horror stories, and the nightmare that is gastric bypass.)
Thank God, these itty bitty scratches were the only wounds from the wreck.

Handsome little Sir being a cute face.

Laying down with Daddy on his blankey.

He's really taken a liking to that blanket!

Just chillin' like a villain.

Eating his yummy cereal with banana chunks and milk. Big boy.


  1. Hi!!

    I thought I'd comment since I'm probably the only person you know that is awake at this hour in the USA! :-)
    What an amazing sweet baby! He is sooo cute and I can't wait to kiss his face off!
    (you know if I had put your milk IN your cereal at that same age, you wouldn't have THOUGHT about putting your fingers in it - you were quite the neat-nik)

    I Love You!
    (tell Stu I'm glad he is not hurt)


  2. Hehe you look like you have so much fun! Maybe I'll get to see you guys and this cute little baby in person one day, haha. Hope you're staying as cool as possible. Just wanted to say hey and I'm still reading! Glad Stu is ok and hope yall are doing well.