Monday, July 21, 2008


One. Year. Old.

I am sure everyone is tired of hearing me complain about my baby being too old too fast, but today is the big day! He is one today. Wow. As I’ve said probably ten times by now, it’s amazing to me.

Our day started out pretty typically, only with birthday themed embellishments. I got him out of his bed and sang the Happy Birthday song, which he thought was a hilarious way to start the day (maybe I’ll start singing to him every morning! It seemed to put him in a pretty good mood!). Then I made him scrambled eggs (he’s one now so he can officially have the whites… so his egg got to keep the white for the first time) with onions and tomatoes. He thought those were AWESOME. I also cut up some strawberries for him and he was a happy camper.

Then we went for about a half-hour walk. I didn’t think it was early enough to be too hot (it was only about 8 a.m.) so I forwent the sunscreen and I think I burnt my baby. Sigh. Bad parenting. But he loved the walk, chatting with the Pakistanis as we cruised by them. We walked down into the neighborhood adjacent to ours that has huge and luxurious villas. They are so amazing. And since apparently walking here with no reason seems foolish, I was stopped by three separate taxis offering their services (whatever that might end up being). That officially pooped him out because he was ready for a nap almost as soon as we got back in the door. On the way back in, our building watchman was mopping our hallway and he stopped and said hello to us and asked me how old Kaden was. “He’s one year old today!” So Kaden got his first birthday wishes of the day (other than from MOM) from the Pakistani man in the light green dress. He was thrilled too, all smiles.

So, Happy Birthday to my big boy Kaden! Mommy loves you!

The past year:
(WARNING: some of the following pictures may not be suitable for the squeemish!) :)

Back when Kaden was just a basketball...
Right before leaving to go to the hospital
After Stu and I learned that I'd have to have a c-section...
trying to be brave...
There's his head!
And there's all of him! Hi Kaden!
Getting measured
Mommy's first time holding her baby boy!
Daddy announcing Kaden's arrival to the waiting room!
Great Grandma, Great Aunt Marcia, Grandma, and Aunt Maddison all texting the news around the world!
Very proud Gramdma holding her first grandbaby
Kaden's banner waiting for us on our door!
First plane ride. Three weeks old.
Napping with Aunt Maddison, Aunt Justine, and might-as-well-be-aunt Caitlin
First time rolling over. Two months.

First Christmas. Five Months.
Hanging out in his cradle that Granddad made for him!

Mommy-and-Me time after work!

Taking a bath! Six Months.
First time playing with sand on the beach! Seven Months.
First Air Race (Red Bull Race). 8 Months.
First trip to Oman. 9 Months.
First trip to Dubai.
First steps! Ten months.
First 4th of July! 11 Months.
And this was this morning... Kaden enjoying his Birthday Breakfast... ONE YEAR OLD!


  1. Happy Birthday Kaden, your my birthday buddy, today is my 40th.


  2. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Kaden, Happy Birthday to you! I can't believe he is one already. It is amazing how much he has grown. I miss you guys!

  3. Hey Sydney, congrats on a great first year with Kaden! Tell him Happy Birthday from his distant cousin around the world! =)

  4. Happy Birthday Kaden! Sydney, you are such an amazing mom and woman and you are doing a fabulous job raising your little man. I can only hope that someday I'll be half the mom you are! Your pictures are so great (keep them forever!) - they made me tear up a little :)