Saturday, July 19, 2008

Party Like a Rockstar!

Kaden’s birthday is tomorrow (Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!) so we decided to throw a birthday party for him this past weekend. We had our friends over for food and cake/ice cream (from Baskin Robbins, so they were ice cream cakes). He got soooo many toys that I think we’re going to have to designate another area the “toy area” since they are now taking over my living room. But we all had a really great time and it was so nice to get together with friends since we don’t have any family here.

I’d been pretty down the few days preceding the party. I guess it’s the combination of missing family an wishing they were here to celebrate with us, and the fact that my son is turning one, that did it. He is so big and getting more advanced every day (this probably never ends though does it… I should probably stop saying so). After the party he was waving bye-bye and blowing kisses to his guests as they departed. Too cute.

Aside from most-things-good, the one major screw-up of the day was brought to us by yours truly. I sat Kaden’s just-for-him cake down in front of him, the candle still singing the Happy Birthday song, and he grabbed the candle just as I hurriedly blew it out. So, for my son’s first birthday experience, I succeeding in burning him with fire. Awesome.

Other than evil Mommy, the rest of the party was basically uneventful in that it was a typical one-year-old’s birthday party. He cried, he laughed, he ignored his guests, and he even took a bath right in the middle (thank to the ice cream cake experience)! Thank you to everyone who made it over to help us celebrate my baby’s first birthday!

Kaden's birthday banner

Big boy in his birthday outfit!

The table with the presents and snacks before the friends showed up.

Daddy and the big boy!

Mommy and a very happy baby

Kaden interested in what Andrew was doing... following him around.

Andrew on a very important call.

Alicja and Alberto having a snack!

Marcelo and Rainy arriving!

Kaden wasn't sure what to think about that toy!


Kaden's cake! (with the fire)


messy messy baby!

Bath time!

Caught in the act! Even marcelo had a piece of cake!

present from Grandma Ezzell (that just sounds weird... from Momma E!)

The loudest, most obnoxious toy known to man. Thanks, Mom! :)

Reading a card from Marcelo and Rainy


Blocks! Way cool present from Kasey, Kyle, and Andrew

Eating the wrapping paper on his present from Alicja, Louie, and Alberto

Kaden, Cassie, and Rainy!

More presents! This is the barn from Marcelo and Rainy.

And the Elephant!

Matthew! He got him a toy that sings the alphabet in AMERICAN English!!! (So we can teach him that the last letter of the alphabet is "zee" and not "zed"... also, it's pronounced "are", not "ah"

Sam and Kaden! Her toy was awesome too! He got a Little People circus toy set! He loves pushing the button to make the carousel spin!

Uh oh, caught eating pizza now!

Kaden with only a fraction of his toys!

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  1. Sydney,
    It's Candice. Okay, I only saw your comment today and Bill and Dianes. pathetic, I'm so not a good blogger like you. Hope all is well and hopefully we can meet up sometime. Happy late Birthday to Kaden he's sooo sooo cute! I can't believe he's a year old. By the way you look Great. Take care!